Hayashi Japanese Restaurant

Hayashi Japanese Restaurant
Cuisine: Japanese
Address: 2/15 Ogilvie Rd, Applecross, Perth Australia
Web: http://www.hayashi.com.au

Hayashi Japanese Restaurant has been around for many many years, but it wasn’t high on my list of eateries. Friends had mentioned that although the food and service was good, it just wasn’t worth the price paid. I finally found my way there for dinner a few weeks ago so that we could utilise the Entertainment Book discount.

    Our table of 5 ordered:

  • Mixed Sashimi
  • Mixed Sushi
  • Vegetable Tempura
  • Softshell Crab Tempura
  • Superior Beef Tenderloin
  • Fish Teriyaki
  • Unagi Bento

 I had a huge craving for sashimi and this was exactly what I needed. Slices were thick and fresh, Delicious! The scallop was apparently weird tasting, but because there were only 2 pieces I didn’t have any.
 The Beef Tenderloin was another great dish served up perfectly done. Juicy thick cubes that were easy to bite. The Fish Teriyaki was a last minute order because we didn’t think we had ordered enough, and we were right. We gobbled it up quickly before I had a chance to take a photo.

Vegetable Tempura was standard, but their Soft Shell Crab Tempura was perfect! It was exactly what you want from a Soft Shell Crab Tempura, nothing at all like the one at Ha-Lu. Overall it was a delicious meal about $30 per head with the Entertainment Book discount. And despite trouble finding parking, I wouldn’t mind returning… with the Entertainment discount…

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