Edited: 24 February 2014

Halo – www.halorestaurant.com.au
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Address: Pier One, Barrack St Jetty, Perth, WA 6000

Went to Halo for the first time for a special occasion. The restaurant itself wasn’t busy as it was a weekday night, and we were seated pier-side near the corner… good for a partial view of the city and Riverside Drive. The food itself was great, it reminded me of Amuse’s style of challenging my palate. The waiters were friendly though difficult to flag down, I’m not sure if it was partially because of our table position making it difficult for them to see?

Our Menu
Dozen oysters natural with lemon – 42
Chargrilled prawns, seaweek meringue, crab mousse, water spinach, lime – 24
Pork hock terrine, parma ham, crackling, wasabi, frizee – 19
Spinach and ricotta strudel, ratatouille chutney, cepe mushrooms, sunflower duccah – 32
300g black angus sirloin served medium, broccolini, sauce bearnaise, sauteed potato – 46
Oven roasted chat potatoes, lemon thyme – 10


I didn’t check the time but the time between each course was significantly slow considering the half empty restaurant. R had ordered a dozen natural oysters and requested it on ice, however it was presented to us on salt. When we questioned it, the manager said that they had never used ice and they did not have the ice chips to do so. Fair enough. But they should have notified us that they couldn’t meet our request and we would have cancelled the dish, alas half a dozen oysters died for no reason.

Even leaving the restaurant was slow! It took a while to flag down staff, it took more time to get the bill, and even more time to pay it. On the up side, they didn’t charge us for the 2 bottles of sparkling water…. possibly because we requested new glasses when we found little insects in them.

Overall good food and poor to fair service has left me generally with a bad impression. I’m unlikely to want to go back, especially with all the other great restaurants around Perth!

Update: Private: Halo Revisited

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  1. Selina Lai // June 23, 2012 at 5:05 pm //

    @Peter everyone is allowed to have personal preferences, and as it happens I believe oysters on ice is akin to chilled water being more refreshing than one at room temperature (especially during a warm summer night). Regardless, my comment was regarding the staff giving us the impression that they could meet the request when they couldn’t.

    The comment regarding the water was complementing the possible generous act since we didn’t expect it to be deducted. Apologies for giving the wrong impression.

  2. Explain to me what difference it makes to you between oysters on salt and on ice, especially the fact they are served in the shell. If on ice you better be quick before ice melt and that the oysters swim. I found myself more sorry for the oysters you wasted than for you. I hate to see people wasting food for stupid reason.
    About the insects in the glasses, well you could have put your finger to save them. Trust me the 2 bottles of water have been missed on your bill, good for you.

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