Yuki Japanese Restaurant
Cuisine: Japanese
Address: Shop 15, 113 Collins Rd Willetton 6955

Yuki is right in the corner of the cluster of shops on Collins Rd, Willetton. They are located very conveniently off Roe highway and close to where we live (which is one of the reasons why we visit so often). It’s well established, I even remember going to the restaurant when I was still in high school (10+ years). I’m not sure if they changed management during the time, but the food has always been consistently good… perhaps even better now that I’ve experienced various Japanese restaurants locally as well as internationally.


We almost always get the Bento Set and Udon which never receive any complaints, their sushi aren’t too bad either – quite a delicious size. The service is always friendly and efficient, the food comes out quite quickly.  Of course you can’t compare it to Nobu, Perth, Sake Bar or Ha-Lu, Yuki is more of a casual dining experience like Kai or Kanta (a couple of my other favourite Japanese haunts). In fact I think the food is not far behind the likes of Bonsai either.

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