Nine Fine Food

Nine Fine Food –
Cuisine: Japanese Fusion
Address: 227 Bulwer St, Highgate WA 6003

I’ve been meaning to go eat at Nine Fine Food since I heard some good reviews about it a year or so ago. And being a big fan of Japanese food, a bit of Modern Japanese is quite enticing.

We found the location of the restaurant itself is not ideal because it’s not walking distance to the northbridge night life and the streets look eerily deserted (a bonus since parking was easy). Upon entering, you see the restaurant is quite small though pleasant enough not to feel like the next table is intruding on your table (vice versa).

light grilled tenderloin beef fillets(rare), truffle mixed yakumi condiments, chili lemon soy dressing
9 various tasting size fresh sashimi, seafood & fish, tuna, salmon, prawn squid & more
marinated grilled sliced lamb round steak, blended spiced miso braised lamb shoulder, seared scallop with balsamic, soy & truffle oil dressing
slow cooked salmon(warm serving), mixed seafood ‘ravioli’ gyoza, seared scallop, grilled chili prawn, light poached tuna, fresh greens, fruits & passion fruit dressing


Service was good but poor for fine dining standards, it’s very possible our waiter was new but it didn’t leave me with a good impression.

    For example

  • We weren’t shown to the table, instead our table was pointed out to us (which also had spider webs in the corner);
  • When asked what types of seafood was in the Sashimi Nine Style, the waiter could not answer;
  • Difficult to get attention of staff (also due to the awkward layout);
  • Slow to process the bill to the point patrons had to go to the counter and pay;
  • Tacky looking counter with wooden planks (which look suspiciously like doors) leaning against the wall… possibly as decoration??

Food wise was also bit of a disappointment. Although I enjoyed the Sashimi Nine Style and was delighted that it challenged my palate, the Beef Tataki was NOT lightly seared tender beef slices as expected but was like a miniature steak cooked medium rare (the horror!). The Oceans was delicious though the salmon could have been larger and the dish served hot rather than lukewarm, the Lamb and Scallop main was unimpressive. We didn’t order dessert though it looked quite nice.

After the Entertainment discount (which they kindly did not scratch off) our meal totaled $105. Although we were both disappointed with the night I haven’t completely black listed the restaurant as I’m convinced that all the raving reviews were justified. Maybe eating at Nobu, Perth days beforehand tainted our palate and made us food snobs? Anyway, when I am finally able to convince R to return, I wouldn’t mind trying the 3 or 4 course set menu instead.

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