Cusine: Japanese
Address: Shop 4, 110 Parry Ave, Bull Creek, WA 6149

Kai is a tiny Japanese restaurant found in Parry Village near the wine cellar and printing shop. It’s been hugely popular since first opening up, though I wish it had taken over the indian restaurant upstairs. Because of the small size, there are always long lines at dinner time either for a table or for takeaway.

Although I tend to order takeaway, if dining I’m in I tend to order Ramen since I don’t like to order it for takeaway . I don’t eat there very often due to it being quite uncomfortable if you are trapped in the corner attempting to squeeze your way out. I’m not a great fan of their sushi either but their green tea is yumilicious!!


The salmon teriyaki bento is a favourite of mine, but it’s definitely the convenience and the value which keeps me going back.

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  1. Filalny! This is just what I was looking for.

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