Mez Mediterranean Cuisine

Mez Mediterranean Cuisine –
Cusine: Mediterranean
Address: 1/182 James St, cnr Parker St, Northbridge, WA 6003


I don’t usually eat Mediterranean food, but I thought I should try Mez out at least once since I haven’t been all these years they’ve been open. The experience however left me thinking I never should have gone in the first place.

To start, we arrived to find that our booking was not written down despite having confirmed only a couple of hours before – thankfully the staff were able to accommodate us in the end. Next we decided to go with the 4 course seafood banquet – bad move.


The first course of pita bread with dips looked and tasted as if it came out of a packet, but I can’t complain much since it was quite tasty. Chilli mussels came next, and although the mussels were decently sized, they were old and chalky tasting – massive disappointment since they were the reason we chose to have the banquet (our waitress advised us mussels aren’t available elsewhere on their menu).

The main dish of seafood consisted of risotto topped with the smallest¬† “lobster” I’ve laid my eyes on (it looked like we were given one lobster claw sliced in half), overly deep fried calamari, 2 scallops and salad topped with creamy garlic sauce. The scallops and salad were the only decent things to eat on the plate in the end.

When we asked the waitress to clear the dish, we asked about dessert. We were told that all the deserts were¬† delicious and we would get a small sample of each. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when the small plate of dessert came out R and I doubtfully looked at each other and expected the worst. There was a slice of custard pastry, a ball similar to mochi, and an unidentified block all heavily coated in cocoa. The plate essentially looked like a big lump of brown. The pastry was soggy, the ball was like solid rock and the block was insignificant (i.e. I can’t remember).

Despite all that, I convinced myself that it’s worth to revisit once the memories have faded. But the second time around we’re ordering from the main menu!!

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