Hippo Creek

Hippo Creek Subiaco – http://subiaco.hippocreek.com.au/
Cuisine: African
Address: 14/375 Hay Street, Subiaco Western Australia 6008

It was a dark and stormy night…

My first time having a medium rare steak was at Hippo Creek in Subiaco. Considering I’m not much of a meat eater, it probably wasn’t a good idea. But the great thing was that despite the suspiciously uneven red and raw looking center, the meat was still easy to eat.

We ordered a side of onion rings and Caesar salad, and found it was abit too much to consume. The Caesar salad was quite the let down, but it could possibly be due to the anchovy that was thrown in (NOT a fan). The onion rings however were just delicious! I believe it was even better than the ones at Tony Romas. Overall the service was fairly good, the meal was average and the price super cheap as we used the Entertainment Card.

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