Petite Mort

Petite Mort Restaurant –
Cusine: Modern French
Address: A 225 Onslow Road Shenton Park Perth 6008

My girl friends and I were really looking forward to the 9 course degustation menu at Petit Mort. We had looked at the menu on their website and decided it was worth pay a little extra from the set menu to the degustation menu (blue). What we ended up enjoying that night:

Amuse Bouche
Celeriac Soup, Leek & Langoustine Cannelloni, Roe
Cured Salmon, Pickled Vegetable, Soy, Cashew
Pork Belly, Sauerkraut, Crackling
Confit Duck Thigh, Chantelle & Cepe Mushrooms
Herb Crusted Barramundi, Spring Vegetables, Mussels Broth
Lamb Rump & Breast, Pig’s Ear, Mushrooms
Pre Dessert
Death By Chocolate
Petit Fours

The food was generally well presented (except when a waitress messed it up) and suited our palates well. The confit duck thigh was disappointingly dry for me… not even fluffy-dry like pork floss but like beef jerky-dry.

The outstanding dishes would be the cured salmon and death by chocolate. The cured salmon was so good it gave me visions of Tetsuya’s confit of ocean trout, of course the cured salmon paled in comparison but it was definitely worthy to have brought back a snippet of memory. Some found the death by chocolate a bit overwhelming, but I just fell in love with their Areo chocolate.


I would have left a satisfied customer and happy to become regulars had the service been up to scratch. Minor things like the confusion over where we are seated despite having booked, and requesting the wine list but was offered the Sommelier who then had to fetch the wine list anyway made it seemed like that staff were new.

One particular wait staff with bad manner and tongue piercing was so bad that she knocked over my perfect pork belly dish when reaching across the table to place my friends’ plate. The fact that she was reaching over was in itself bad, but to mess up my meal and not acknowledge the mistake when she’s using my plate to explain the components was just poor manners. Thankfully other staff members served some of the other dishes with not too many issues.

At the end of the night we were surprised to be given another plate of sweets during tea/coffee but suspected that the management acknowledged some errors made. Unfortunately by that time we were too full to consume any more sugar. I believe that a bit of training for staff would prevent other patrons from having a potentially bad experience. Otherwise Petite Mort is definitely some place I will return to.

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