Pink Door

BF organised for a romantic dinner at a popular local restaurant when we were in Seattle, located near Pike Place Markets called “Pink Door“. When we found the pink door, it lead us down stairs to the restaurant dining area which had a woman performing on a swing suspended in the air. Once the show was finished we were seated and served food-yum

I felt a bit sorry for the patrons dining near the performance because it looked like they felt obligated to watch the show (in case she fell?) when it looked like they just wanted to get on with their meal.


Pink Door, Seattle


The restaurant decor was nice, a bit of rustic Alice in Wonderland feel. Our server was good but felt a bit fake, though I’m sure he was just distracted by the other tables he had to serve. Despite being so busy, especially with the big table next to us, he was still able to attend to us fairly well.

Food and drink were a bit slow on arriving, and when our server was running around busy doing his job we tried to get the attention of another staff who looked our way and ignored us, multiple times despite obviously not having anything to do but chat with his female colleagues. Perhaps staff can only serve allocated tables…? I don’t know how this tipping thing works in America but all I know is that it sucks and prevents team work.

When we got our food, we loved the freshness and the size of the mussels and clams the most. We even surprised the server by finishing the mussels before he could even put it down giggle BF enjoyed his locally bred wagyu beef and I enjoyed my spaghetti vongole, but I honestly can’t think of something about the meal which stands out. A generally good dining experience with good food, good company and a nice atmosphere.

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