Sassellas Bar & Bristo

Sassellas Bar & Bristo –¬†
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Address: Shop 14, Upper Hay Street level, Carillon City, 207 Murray Street, Perth, WA 6000

Sassellas is somewhere that’s quick and easy, especially when you’re after a quick bite in your short lunch break. It’s essentially self service except for the drinks which you order from the bar or servers. They cook your order within 10 minutes so keep an eye out on your ticket number!

Sassellas -  Fish & Chips, Fettuccini Carbonara and Mousaka

Sassellas – Fish & Chips, Fettuccini Carbonara and Mousaka

Overall I think it’s impressive to have decent food within 10 minutes regardless of the lunch hour rush.¬†Although it’s not a place I would go out of my way to eat at, the few times I’ve been have always been pleasant. The food is average and sometimes a bit lacking, but I excuse that for their ability to deliver on that 10 minute timeframe.

Perth’s food scene has really upped the game as of late, there’s much more better quality food available all within walking distance so Sassellas will need to do something differently to stay in the game.

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